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Hey, I'm Trisha. I LOVE learning languages, psychology and pandas ! My mission is to help inspire and motivate language learners EVERYWHERE ? You can check me out on my blog where I mix up psychology and language learning. I've helped 100s of people improve their motivation and self-esteem over the years. So if your confidence is holding you back in language learning, contact me.
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Language Learners Journal is a blog that focuses on learning languages via psychological approaches, such as positive thinking, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and neuro-linguist programming (NLP). The blog is updated on a regularly basis so there is always something new […]

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Jairo was my Italki tutor for Spanish. He was a community tutor, but one of the best tutors I have had and his site is so motivational. He is also a fan of learning other languages. Check him out he […]