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I am a keen language learner from Scotland.
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Learning to read Thai seems very difficult to start with, all those unfamiliar shapes make it look very daunting. This YouTube video is an excellent starting point. It goes through the top 25 consonants and uses pictures to make it […]

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As I am still in the early stages of learning Thai. Thankfully, the numbers in Thai are pretty simple, once you know one to ten, one hundred, one thousand etc then you can figure out a number quite easily. I […]

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Notes In Spanish contains both audio and video lessons that use authentic, real Spanish conversations about real-life topics, to help make you totally confident with your Spanish. The site is split in to 3 levels beginner, intermediate and advances so you can […]

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The VideoEle course consists of teaching units organized into four levels A1-B2. Each unit contains a video, a transcript, a tutorial and the solutions. It also contains interactive activities to aid your learning (although it’s primarily learning through video)

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Created by the University of Taxis at Austin, the Hindi Urdu Flagship is at the center of efforts to both collect and improve existing resources. All materials are free. As well as the main lessons, there is also a listing of […]

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Mosalingua is a spaced repetition app and more. All of the sentences are designed to help you absorb as much vocabulary as you can in as short a time possible. There is quality audio for every phrase and everything is […]

4.9/5 by 10 users

Lindsay Does Languages is both a blog and vlog and I love both of them. Lindsay’s posts are mainly about motivation but she also creates posts around various languages she is learning too. There is pretty much everything on the site […]

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How To Study Korean is designed to teach you how to speak Korean from your very first steps all the way to being able to speak Korean fluently. Lessons are separated into Units. Each Unit has 25 Lessons, 3 Quizzes and […]

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Learn Korean Language Blog is a fantastic resource for all things Korean and has a really good “Beginner Korean” section.

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Loads of free Korean lessons in video, audio and text with a progression route, lots of examples and suggested exercises like “Watch the video, and make your own sentences using at least one of the expressions introduced in the lesson.”

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ASL Stew is a YouTube channel with a good mix of videos on different subjects from learning to interpreting to deaf culture.

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Learn ASL in 31 Days is a YouTube channel by Rochelle Barlow teaching ASL. The core part of this is the Day 1-31 videos but there are lots of others too including seasonal signs and grammar.

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Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses in Italian. All free from WellesleyX. Lessons are arranged into audio, transcribed / subtitled video, PDFs, quizzes and exercises. A fantastic set of courses all at my favorite price.

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Podcasts and transcriptions in German, French, Italian and Spanish

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Learn English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese or Polish using a fun and interactive game.