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A dictionary where you can both search and browse for signs. Entries include videos to see the signs and definitions to show all different uses of the sign. The site also includes a page on finger spelling, and links to […]

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A Facebook Irish book club for those who are at an advanced beginner or lower intermediate level of Irish. They translate easier books together.

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A website with mixed resources including some information about basic patterns and grammar, word games, and lots of information about buying dictionaries, online shops for Irish resources and other resources around the web. It also includes a very extensive online grammar […]

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The newest and most updated modern English-Irish dictionary on the internet. They also have an app that can be purchased for both Apple and Android devices.

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A simple and fun website for beginners of Irish. It was originally created for parents and grandparents with no Irish to help their children with learning Irish so it has a bright layout and uses games for learning but also has […]