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Hello language learners around the world. My name is Dimitris and I've been passionate about language learning and travel all my life. So far I've been to more than 100 countries, sojourned in eight, lived in seven and can converse in about 12 languages. On I blog in my eight strongest languages and invite you to write articles in your target languages as well.
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4/5 by 2 users

LingU is an online platform to help people improve their Norwegian. You can sign up for online classes or attend in the classrooms of Stavanger and Oslo. 

5/5 by 2 users

You can use Chrome browser and set the language you want to study. Adjust your settings for the percentage of words and the level that you have. You can read a more thorough review of how it works here:  I’ve […]

5/5 by 1 users

They describe themselves as the ‘lazy’ way to learn a language. You use a free extension on Chrome browser, engage in normal reading and browsing online and every few words will be replaced with vocabulary in your target language.

4/5 by 1 users

This free app has advertising; it is a dictionary from English to Norwegian and from Norwegian to English. 

3/5 by 1 users

Living Language has an app as well as a website. It includes audio, flashcards, games, grammar explanation and vocabulary review. 

5/5 by 2 users

Read Lang is best used as an extension on Chrome Browser. You can upload texts in your target language or use it in conjunction with websites written in the languages you are working to improve. It uses Google Translate technology […]

5/5 by 1 users

This site aims to take over where stops. Basically it’s a place for upper intermediate and advanced writers to submit articles of 500 words or more and to seek feedback from native speakers. It is also a place to […]

5/5 by 2 users

Skapago is a small company with online tutors, a YouTube channel, and books for language learning. The books are different from most language courses because they engage the reader in a mystery novel while teaching the language, vocabulary and grammar.

5/5 by 1 users

Hi Native is by the team of Lang-8. For those of you familiar with, you’ll see Hi Native is based on the same concepts, but it is for shorter texts and includes opportunities to ask for help with pronunciation. […]