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Points are awarded as follows:

  • Submitting a product to the library: 15 points
  • Writing a short review: 10 points

Below is a list of our top 20 contributors. Click on a user to check out their awesome submissions.

Real Name: Bethany Bennett
Submissions: 46    Reviews: 16    Total Points: 850
Real Name: Maureen Millward
Submissions: 30    Reviews: 2    Total Points: 470
Real Name: Gary McCann
I am a keen language learner from Scotland.
Submissions: 15    Reviews: 14    Total Points: 365
Real Name: Dimitris Polychronopoulos
Hello language learners around the world. My name is Dimitris and I've been passionate about language learning and travel all my life. So far I've been to more than 100 countries, sojourned in eight, lived in seven and can converse in about 12 languages. On I blog in my eight strongest languages and invite you to write articles in your target languages as well.
Submissions: 9    Reviews: 12    Total Points: 255
Real Name: Océanne Peek
I am a language enthusiast as well as an English teacher. You can see my website here
Submissions: 10    Reviews: 4    Total Points: 190
Submissions: 11    Reviews: 1    Total Points: 175
Submissions: 7    Reviews: 5    Total Points: 155
Real Name: Michael Beal
I love languages even if they don't like me! 100% enthusiast / 12% skill.
Submissions: 5    Reviews: 6    Total Points: 135
Submissions: 5    Reviews: 3    Total Points: 105
Real Name: Tina Crouch
So, I'm Tina - an American who teaches English online and loves to travel. I did an internship abroad after university and it was then that I decided to learn my first foreign language... So I dove into Italian. [English posts here] [travel & Italian posts here]
Submissions: 1    Reviews: 9    Total Points: 105
Real Name: Eamon Gilligan
Submissions: 4    Reviews: 3    Total Points: 90
Real Name: Trisha Collins-Dunbar
Hey, I'm Trisha. I LOVE learning languages, psychology and pandas ! My mission is to help inspire and motivate language learners EVERYWHERE ?

You can check me out on my blog where I mix up psychology and language learning. I've helped 100s of people improve their motivation and self-esteem over the years. So if your confidence is holding you back in language learning, contact me.
Submissions: 2    Reviews: 6    Total Points: 90
Submissions: 3    Reviews: 4    Total Points: 85
Submissions: 4    Reviews: 2    Total Points: 80
Submissions: 1    Reviews: 6    Total Points: 75
Submissions: 3    Reviews: 3    Total Points: 75
Submissions: 1    Reviews: 6    Total Points: 75
Real Name: Andrew Davison
I live in London and run a language teaching business. I've got a background in Computer Science and a fascinated by all forms of new tech.

Submissions: 4    Reviews: 1    Total Points: 70
Submissions: 3    Reviews: 2    Total Points: 65
Submissions: 4    Reviews: 0    Total Points: 60