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Submitted by Melissa Higuera Araque

Hello, I want to share with you my experience with Yask, a free app where we connect with people around the world to help one another to write correctly in other languages. You can ask for a correction or translation of any sentence, you just type it and native speakers will answer very quickly. Moreover, if you receive several answers, the app lets you know which is the best one. It works in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and German. Hopefully they will add more languages soon!

What I like the most about this app is that you can trust the answers you get, because native speakers understand what you really want to say and don’t write nonsense, as happens with Google Translate. I use it a lot to practice my French. It is also fun to help other users by answering their questions. And it doesn’t have ads 🙂

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Yask! Say it right in any language! Reviews

User Reviews of Yask! Say it right in any language!
I’ve always wanted an app like this! :)
Yask! Say it right in any language! review by Adriana Rojas on 10/06/2017
I've been using Yask for some weeks and I love it!!! I've always wanted an app where I could just get corrections from native speakers and Yask is perfect for this! As Melissa said, Google Translate is not reliable and I've tried language forums but they're slow (and boring!).
With Yask I can practice and improve my English by actually writing sentences by myself and get them checked by native speakers. It's so easy and quick!
It's also very fun to help others with their sentences in Spanish and it feels very good when they tell you "Thanks" (there's a button for it, btw :)).
Thanks for this app!
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