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The Mimic Method works on the theory that the key to learning any language is pronunciation, once you get that down, everything else comes naturally.

Created and run by Idohosa Ness, it teaches pronunciation through music. The idea behind the mimic method is that you learn the pronunciation first before worrying about grammar or vocabulary. That way, when you start learning then the words will come to you much more easily and you won’t sound so much like a foreigner.

I must admit, I didn’t do this by itself. I paired the mimic method with other learning and just made it part of my daily routine.

It starts with a “Primer” to teach you all of the basic sounds before moving on to songs that increase with difficulty as you progress through the course. Even the first song sounded really fast and complicated when I started but you will be very very surprised at how quickly you can progress. Idahosa breaks it down sound by sound and makes it very easy.

The Mimic Method is a very entertaining way to learn pronunciation and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is just starting out or struggling with pronunciation.

There is also a free course “Flow Theory 101” available through the site.

Currently available for Spanish, English, Mandarin Chinese, French and Brazilian Portuguese with more courses for Italian, German, Japanese and Korean on the way.

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User Reviews of The Mimic Method
I love this approach!!
The Mimic Method review by garymccann on 06/18/2016
I've been doing the Mimic Method for Spanish and I have to say, it is amazing. It starts with a "Primer" to teach you the basic sounds that make up the language and then rapidly builds on this by learning songs.

When I first started, the music seemed very fast and I thought I was never going to be able to do it. Idahosa breaks it down line by line, sound by sound and you work up from there. Even though I am very early on in my Spanish learning, I am already getting compliments on my pronunciation :)
unconventional approach
The Mimic Method review by Akita on 04/28/2016
Idahosa is a master of pronunciation. At the beginning of the learning process, he focuses on pronunciation exclusively. This is a great approach and the learning process becomes easier.
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