The Language Rose Learning Club

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Submitted by Erminia Pedata

Interested in learning Spanish,Italian or French and a beginner/intermediate level? If so read on!
With the aim of making these languages accessible to everyone and building a community of enganged and motivated learners online, I have created the Language Rose Learning Club to get people to start to learn these langugaes for free.
I have been creating online vocabulary flashcards on Quizlet to get you to learn and practice vocabulary in Spanish, Italian and French. If you have never tried Quizlet before, you should. It’s good fun! You can join my free Quizlet classes by clicking on the link.Every week I will be adding more vocabulary sets in the classes. Please feel free to suggest which topics you’d like to see added next by commenting the article that you can in the link too.
Thanks for your support and hope to see you in my Quizlet vocabulary classes!


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