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Submitted by Joe Kos

TagalogLessons.com includes various beginner Tagalog / Filipino language lessons. It also has a large searchable dictionary with over 20,000 audio recordings and about 5,000 example sentences directly in the dictionary to show proper word usage. Lastly, it has a discussion forum to chat with other learners and ask your Tagalog / Filipino language questions.

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TagalogLessons.com Reviews

User Reviews of TagalogLessons.com
TagalogLessons.com review by Drake Makbury on 01/11/2020
For a Tagalog learning website this website has a lot of potential but when I use it I feel like it is throwing a TON of resources at me all at once. There is no sense of direction which only confuses me even more. Where do I start? How do I start? What should I do? It's like a fire hydrant of information which is very overwhelming. I would not recommend this website a a good learning resource for Tagalog as it only serves to make the learner feel overwhelmed and discouraged with learning Tagalog.
TagalogLessons.com review by Joe Kos on 08/20/2019
Most online Tagalog dictionaries are broken. This is because of the way the language works with its complicated prefix/suffix/infix systems and the fact that the way dictionaries typically work for searching just doesn't work the right way with Filipino/Tagalog. This is especially difficult as a beginner, as it seems like every 5th word you search for in an online dictionary doesn't turn up any results! This dictionary just works better. It was designed with the structure of the language in mind to help find the word you need, or if that word is not exactly available (as is often the case with complicated Tagalog word affixes that have hundreds of thousands of variations), it shows closest related root word definition available. Also, the dictionary is the only online one to include accented pronunciation markup and thousands of audio clips for better pronunciation of Tagalog. Lastly, verbs are a major stumbling block for new learners of Tagalog, and this is the only dictionary that includes detailed breakdowns of verb structure including the root, conjugation type, and verb focus, which is critical to learn as a new student of this language.
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