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SpanishDict is a dictionary with translation and conjugations easily accessed from the same interface.

It’s available on the SpanishDict website or as a phone / table app from the Google and Apple App Stores. This is by far the best free Spanish dictionary that you can find.

You don’t have to just use it as a dictionary though, there is also the “Word of the Day” to add a little bit of fun and push on your learning a little bit more.

SpanishDict is definitely one of the resources that you should have in your Spanish learning tool kit.

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SpanishDict Reviews

User Reviews of SpanishDict
Excellent Dictionary App Plus More
SpanishDict review by garymccann on 07/31/2016
This is a fantastic dictionary site for Spanish but also so much more than that. Not only does it let you search for any word in Spanish or English but it also provides every conjugation and some examples so you can truly know how a word is used.
Excellent dictionary
SpanishDict review by Quotidianlight on 04/02/2016
The dictionary is the best I've used. It shows the meanings and all the verb conjugations. Bust the best (and most important imo) part is going through the samples. Usually the samples are pulled from news, commentaries, books ect and have audio and it's a great rabbit hole for truly understanding the nuance of words and how they interact with one another.
Awesome free tool!
SpanishDict review by patl on 03/28/2016
Translation is easy -- type in a sentence in English or Spanish. Switch to conjugations if you prefer to review a verb.
And even better -- this is one of the few good sites that has pages on a variety of grammatical topics, explained simply and concisely, with quizzes afterward. Quizzes are up to 40 useful phrases or sentences on the desired topic, with feedback as you go. You can retake them as often as you like.
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