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Book as many private lessons online as you want, with any of the handpicked, professional language coaches. Every lesson is LIVE, one-on-one, and customized to meet your specific needs by the coaches.

Rype offers unlimited private lessons starting from just $99 a month, it has a 14 day no obligation free trial and, if you sign up using promo code LIBRARY you will get another $25 off.

They also have a fantastic referral program. If you decide you like Rype, for every friend that signs up, you get a free month. How good is that?

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Rype Reviews

User Reviews of Rype
Rype review by Scott on 11/20/2017
Do not waste your time with the free trial or the over-hyped sales pitch. Compared to iTalki and Verbling, Rype is garbage in every respect.
The interface is extremely limiting, there are very few teachers to choose from, there is no information available about the teachers, not even pictures large enough to see or mention of where the teachers are from and there is absolutely no customer service at all. There is a little fake chat pop-up in the corner where the owner/operator, Sean Kim pretends to ask you how you're doing, but don't bother responding or asking any questions - you will never get any response. Furthermore Sean Kim himself is not to be trusted. I cancelled, or at least tried to cancel my membership the day after the free trial ended. Apparently that was a few hours too late for Sean Kim, so he charged me $2,095 for an entire year! I emailed him many, many times (there is no phone number to call) begging him to reconsider since I never used his service for even 1 second beyond the free trial period, I did not intend to use it and could not afford it. I explained how his actions actually put me in a seriously bad financial situation as I was trying to pay for my wedding. No response. I submitted a dispute to my CC company, and of course Sean responded to the CC company with the fine print of his terms & conditions stating that the membership must be cancelled "before", not "when" the free trial ends. So he wins on the fine print, but why screw me like that? I never did anything to hurt him. But that didn't seem to matter to Sean Kim. Just because I was a few hours late in my cancellation request, he took $2,095 from me, refused to give it back, refused to respond to any emails and I had to cut out a big chunk of my already very modest wedding. The only thing Rype is better at than other similar sites is over-hyped self-promotion. Honestly, aside from Sean Kim being a heartless jerk with no sense of customer service or concern for his reputation, the site really does suck. iTalki and Verbling are both way better, iTalki in particular if you’re on a tight budget.
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