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Read Lang is best used as an extension on Chrome Browser. You can upload texts in your target language or use it in conjunction with websites written in the languages you are working to improve. It uses Google Translate technology to make it faster for you to read texts without consulting dictionaries each time. It also stores your new vocabulary words and expressions for future review. 

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Great way to improve your reading skills and build up vocabulary
Read Lang review by Dimitrakis on 03/26/2017
Read Lang is the best app I've seen for improving your reading and vocabulary nearly regardless of the language you are learning. This is because it has a large number of languages offered and because it's easy to use. There are a few different ways to use Read Lang. I find the easiest is as an extension to your Chrome browser. Any language offered by Google Translate is covered. You simply upload your text or read the website in the target language and click the words you don't know. If you click a string of words, it will show the overall expression. Read Lang stores your new words and expressions for you to study later.
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