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LingoHut is completely free.  Our mission is to foster inter-cultural communications by making language education accessible to a global audience to succeed socially, intellectually and economically with language.

We believe that the most effective technique of studying and learning a new language is by implementing the “drip-feed” approach.  Imagine a dripping faucet; each drop collecting to form a puddle that continues to expand with each drip. Similarly, this method focuses on learning the language in small increments.  Think of each word as a drop and phrases/sentences as small puddles which finally becomes the large pool of your new language mastery and success.

For this reason, LingoHut created short interactive lessons and quick easy games to provide the student the drops needed to build a large pool of language wisdom.  Allowing the student the opportunity to schedule a daily visit to take a lesson.   The games and activities reinforce the vocabulary being taught and provide high levels of pronunciation success.  LingoHut puts the student in the driver’s seat.  The student controls how many times a word or phrase is recited.  All you have to do is click to get the word or phrase repeated!

Our unique platform allows the student to listen, see, and interact with the new vocabulary being learned.  Our visual, auditory and kinesthetic program allows students to take lessons regardless of what learning style they prefer or works best for them.

To assure we reach a global audience we present our site in over 50 languages, teaching basic conversational skills in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and mandarin Chinese.  Let me give you an example, someone from Ukraine can learn from their native Ukrainian language any of the ten languages we teach today. Making language learning accessible and engaging to all global citizens.  Our initial goal was to facilitate language education to displaced families with financial struggles, but to our surprise it benefits many others such as volunteers, tourists, teachers, professionals, students, shopkeepers and even retirees.

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User Reviews of
Completely free and lots of fun review by MickeyBee on 03/14/2017
I tried it for Spanish. Lots of fun and great lessons. For a free resource this is amazing. The Google ad placement is a bit excessive in places but they have to make money somehow. I definitely recommend trying LingoHut.
Excellent resource and completely free! review by garymccann on 03/11/2017
Completely free and genuine resources are rare, most end up being "freemium" - Sign up for a free account and get limited access with all of the really cool features and most useful content attached to a subscription.

Lingohut is completely free and the lessons on there are really good. There is a lot on there - lessons, flash cards, games, audio, video... and it is all completely free.

What's great about this site too is that it offers 12 languages to learn but is not restricted to English natives, there are language options on the site to start from countless other languages.
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