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Lindsay Does Languages is both a blog and vlog and I love both of them.

Lindsay’s posts are mainly about motivation but she also creates posts around various languages she is learning too. There is pretty much everything on the site – lessons, advice, giveaways. It’s definitely one worth checking out!

Both the blog and the vlog are very funny and are updated regularly so there is alway something new to see. I particularly like the “10 Reasons to Learn…” series of videos that cover a multitude of languages.

Lindsay also has regular courses on the site, these change from time to time. Currently, the courses on there offer 1 on 1 lessons and support from Lindsay herself.

The site itself is very colourful and inviting with a minimalist layout… so what are you waiting for, give it a click and check it out for yourself 😉

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User Reviews of Lindsay Does Languages
Lindsey Does Languages (and coaching now too)
Lindsay Does Languages review by Language LJ on 03/30/2017
I love this site and even more now that she offers coaching packages for online language tutors. This is one of my fave places for checking out languages (and teaching advice too).
Fun and Engaging content
Lindsay Does Languages review by garymccann on 05/29/2016
I've been following Lindsay's blog on and off for a while now and I came across her vlog after seeing tweets from the Polyglot Gathering. Her content is always engaging and interesting and above all fun! Bored of all of the dry, dull language learning material? Then check our Lindsay Does Languages!
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