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Submitted by garymccann

As I am still in the early stages of learning Thai. Thankfully, the numbers in Thai are pretty simple, once you know one to ten, one hundred, one thousand etc then you can figure out a number quite easily.

I am still at the stage of having to count in sequence in order to figure out the number I need and decided I need to try and improve this.

I found this app. It’s fantastic. It has three exercise modes:

Flash Card Practice: See the number (e.g. 98). Clicking “Show Answer” gives you the Thai text and audio
Advanced Flash Card Practice: See the Thai text. Clicking “Show Answer” gives you the number and audio
Listening Practice: Hear the Thai and type in the number. Clicking “Check Answer” tells you if you are correct and shows you the number / Thai text.

Each exercise also has 3 levels: Level 1 (numbers 0-99), Level 2 (numbers 0-999), Level 3 (numbers 0-9,999)

It’s available for both iOS and Android

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