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This is an audio dictionary. It takes you through the most basic words you can possibly imagine in Italian. This may seem trivial but if you are starting a new language as a complete beginner and meeting people online from that language group, or going on holiday, then a grasp of the basics is something you really want to have. It’s also surprising how obvious words can be skipped from accelerated learning language programs. Words like “fog” for example, or neighbor” come up fairly frequently once you begin chatting conversationally with Italians. 

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Manageable, chunks of vocab for free
Learn Italian Words review by Bethany on 08/14/2016
This audio book is arranged by theme. Each chapter focuses on a new subject. I found this useful because there are a few words in each chapter I can pick up when I'm revising my basics.

I like knowing the fundamentals of Italian well because it helps give me confidence as I advance in my language ability (I've never been this good before). I'm also a happy aural learner and end up multi-tasking while I'm otherwise engaged on the internet.

Even learning masculine/feminine endings will take a while if you have a significant gap in your language experience like I did.
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