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Learn Italian With Lucrezia is a youtube channel with a mixture of English and Italian lessons and video logs from Lucrezia Oddone.

She uploads new videos every Monday and Thursday so there is always something new to learn – anything from language usage, grammar or Italian culture.

I’ve followed her vlog for some time. The videos are both fun to watch and informative. Some cover general topics and others are in response to questions from users so it is always worth leaving a comment or two on the videos.

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User Reviews of Learn Italian with Lucrezia
Another fun resource
Learn Italian with Lucrezia review by tinacrouch on 08/12/2016
When I'm struggling to concentrate on my studying, I'll take a break and head over to Lucrezia's youtube channel. She explains things in an easy to understand way. I also follow her on instagram, which is entertaining and keeps Italian top of mind every time I check my feed. :)
Interesting and useful insights into the Italian language from Lucrezia.
Learn Italian with Lucrezia review by EamonG on 08/08/2016
I'm a big fan of Lucrezia's video blogs, which teach a number of awesome idioms for you to pepper your Italian with, and also help to explain troublesome grammar/vocabulary. Lucrezia lays out many interesting facts about the Italian language, and I get a kick out of using these in speech afterwards. Even if you are already across the points being discussed in the video, they are an excellent resource (and the perfect length) for practicing listening skills and vocab acquisition.
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