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This is an audio book of verbs in their infinitive and conjugations are explained. The verbs are laid out in all the patterns they are used, starting with the present tense in Italian, which is the one beginner books always use initially. The whole set of tracks is 6 hours and 41 minutes which is a huge number of verbs and tenses. The verbs are presented alphabetically in the target language. When all 101 verbs have been spoken then the audio book moves on to the next tense to be mastered.  

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Learn In Your Car: Verbs 101 Italian Reviews

User Reviews of Learn In Your Car: Verbs 101 Italian
Italian Verbs 101 Review
Learn In Your Car: Verbs 101 Italian review by Bethany on 08/14/2016
I can only review this for the Italian language. Verbs are the element of conversation I found challenging when I began chatting with natives. It was particularly hard to keep up because I had chats over Skype with no video. This was a disadvantage for a beginner. We did end up exchanging a greater number of stories than I think I would have using video. My internet connection would not tolerate video at this time.

Getting an intuitive feel for Italian verbs takes time. I theoretically understand how a verb ending changes depending on who is the subject of the sentence. When you are talking in real time there's no time to spend on memory recall, your conversation partner will quickly tire if you're not paying them.

I found this audio book on Spotify. Note I wouldn't pay for it because you could probably find similar charts spoken for free on websites as you needed them, however, to have this CD playing in the background while I do routine tasks is a little trick I've found to be helpful.
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