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This is an awesome Facebook group with over 10,000 members.

It is a language learning community that gives members the opportunity to connect and practice with native-speakers, share language learning tips, and spread ideas through crowd-sourcing and crowd-sharing.

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Language Exchange Reviews

User Reviews of Language Exchange
Language exchange is a powerful learning tool
Language Exchange review by Liliana Vezzolla on 09/02/2016
I could be considered a senior member as I joined Language Exchange last year and I was impressed by the strong commitment of his founder Jonathan Huggins who never miss to engage members and organise a weekly free English chat conversation. But the most valuable remark of our Community consists in the real interaction between members who carry on their own language projects together. Cooperation learning is one of the aspects I like the most and and this is the right place to start real profitable language exchange with motivated learners.
One of the best language learning Facebook groups!
Language Exchange review by Alan Dick on 08/31/2016
I have been a member of "Language exchange" for some time now. This group is one of the best if not The best way to get connected with inspirational language learners. If you need help, if you want to improve your skills in a language and if you just want to meet like minded people this Facebook group is for you and you should totally join us! Massive thanks to Jonathan Huggins!
Greatest social group for language learners!
Language Exchange review by Vadim Malykh on 08/31/2016
I've tried many language exchange sites and groups before I finally found this one. This group gives you the real opportunity to find language exchange partner or other opportunity to study language.
We have weekly language exchange hangout (in English) when you can practice language and discuss language learning technics with other participants.
Many of group members have their language projects (mostly free) where you can participate. Or you can come up with your own project and invite fellow learners to collaborate.
I highly recommend this group to anyone who want to improve or just begin to study language. There are currently more then 13000 highly supportive members. So you can find native partner for almost any language you want. Why not connect to this great community?
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