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Lang-8 is a community site for language learners.

This is one of the most useful language learning tools you will use. Post a notebook entry in your target language for natives to see and correct it for you. In return, you correct entries in your native language.

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Lang-8 Reviews

User Reviews of Lang-8
No longer working
Lang-8 review by Joe Kos on 08/20/2019
The owner of this website has shut down new signups, redirecting people to another language website it operates.
Only for Learning Writing
Lang-8 review by MrBLT on 10/16/2016
If you're the type that enjoys writing or is required to learn writing, this decent. If you're a more visual kind of person and like to write your thoughts and experiment with words and grammar, I believe this works quite well. You're also able to save corrections as notes for further review. The correction system isn't too bad, but I think Hello Talk does a way better job within the app as it does much of the error highlighting for you. Also, you get more features via premium but it's not necessary to have in order to get the most out of what this offers.
Okay if you want to learn writing
Lang-8 review by Ashley Moore on 08/17/2016
I have attempted using Lang-8 several times but find that I personally get bored quickly with typing out sentences and waiting for corrections. I think the correction system is well done and easy to use, so if you like learning to write in your target language this is great. I just didn't find it as useful as some other resources.
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