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JapanesePod101.com is a language course, podcast and accompanying website that offers lessons in Japanese.

It’s a “fremium” site meaning you can sign up to the site for free and access lost of resources on there, including the podcast. For the more advanced features they have a subscription service starting at just $4 a month, with a little bit of searching you can regularly find promotions and discounts too.

As far as features go, there is lots on there. The site is arranged by level from Beginner through to Advanced with each level containing 50 or so lessons. Each lesson has a podcast, a review track, dialog and downloadable PDFs with lesson notes and transcriptions.

If you sign up to Premium (I’ve only ever used basic so far) then there are lots of other features too including flash cards, slideshows, word banks and dictionaries.

You can listen to the podcasts through the site itself or download them to listen to them later. To make it even easier, if you download the “Innovative Language” app (iOS and Andriod), you can download whole sections at a time to your phone or tablet and then listen to them at your leisure.


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JapanesePod101 Reviews

User Reviews of JapanesePod101
Fantastic for any level
JapanesePod101 review by BobBrown on 02/23/2017
I am a huge fan of the pod101 sites and always have been. I've been using JapanesePod101 for a few months now and thought that it was about time I wrote a review. The podcasts are ideal for someone like me with a short attention span. They give enough information and Japanese that I learn something new but it's not overwhelming which I love.

The site is arranged into levels so that you can find something no matter what level you are at and keep progressing. Compared to some other resources (like Pimsleur) it is really cheap and cost effective too. I particularly like sections on kanji, hiragana and katakana as it's something I find really difficult but it's explained simply enough that I get it.
Great way to begin your language learning journey for Absolute beginners
JapanesePod101 review by daylabuttner on 08/29/2016
Love the …pod series of language learning. I NEVER would have begun Japanese without this series. I was a total beginner, not one word of Japanese, and no idea how difficult Japanese grammar was when I started the Japanesepod series. I really needed the Absolute beginner level to help build my confidence in early exposure to the language. The ability to listen and then try to pronounce words and receive immediate feedback is also very helpful. The program really helped boost my listening comprehension ability in the initial stages of language learning.
The lessons are very easy and short. Usually around 20 minutes each. Great for commuters. You can download lessons to your iphone or ipad and listen to them in the car or on the train while you commute.
I have since purchased the series in several languages. I find the advanced content is good as an additional resource to help maintain my languages.
This series for any language provides a decent experience.
JapanesePod101 review by Lorenzo Swank on 08/27/2016
This is one of those programs where you get in what you put in. You can simply listen. That is relatively effective. It's nice to just be exposed to the language as an absolute beginner. There is certainly utility in doing so. If you listen and repeat, your muscle memory starts to build in your vocal chords, lips, and tongue. That is of immense value. And, if you follow along with the dialogs and memorize words, you begin to acquired words in context. Because you can simply choose your level of involvement at any given moment, this is a very low-pressure way to start. Even the basic content is worth listening to over and over again. I highly recommend anything in the series as a good start for your language journey into a new language. There is nothing wrong with focusing on the basics. The advanced levels also certainly provide a good amount of content for language learners at any level.
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