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Submitted by admin provides a language course, podcast and accompanying website that offers lessons in Italian. It is primarily audio but there is some video too. Each video comes with a PDF transcript and additional vocabulary.

This is a “freemium” site offering basic content for free but you have to subscribe to get more content (although a “basic” subscription is relatively cheap.)

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Perfect dog-walking material
italianpod101 review by tinacrouch on 04/29/2016
I don't use the PDF transcript or additional vocabulary very much, but I love listening to these when I take my dog for walks. I might listen to three episodes, wait a week, and then go back to those same three episodes (after tutoring sessions and other studying) and be pleasantly surprised at how my comprehension of that conversation went up a little bit over a week. This puts new vocab in context, which makes it easier to remember.
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