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Italiano in Famiglia is a fantastic online video series created specifically for foreign language speakers trying to learn italian.

The programme itself and website are completely in Italian so you get that sort of immersion feeling but in a much gentler way (it is aimed at people with no knowledge at all).

Each episode is split into 2 videos, “La Puntata” – the episode and “La Didattica” – the hosts talk you through the words used. There’s also PDF downloads of the dialog and various other resources.

Anyone at beginner level should definitely check this one out.

From the site, click “Il Progetto” for a list of episodes (it runs for 2 seasons)

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Italiano in Famiglia Reviews

User Reviews of Italiano in Famiglia
Excellent for beginners
Italiano in Famiglia review by garymccann on 05/02/2016
I found this a while ago when looking for videos online and I think I now recommend it to everyone when speaking about Italian materials. It's good for listening to Italian at a natural speed but targeted completely at beginners. You follow the family Fappani through every day things, each episode targets a different situation (at home, at the bank, at the doctors...) and uses real life examples so you get situational based conversations to learn from.
Cheesy but oh so helpful
Italiano in Famiglia review by tinacrouch on 04/29/2016
I'm always looking for dialogues to practice, and I aaaaalways need to practice my listening comprehension. This series is perfect for both! Although be ready for some super-cheesy dialogues!
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