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The Fluent Spanish Academy is a language course and language community combined in to one.

Created by Olly Richards for people who are “stuck on a plateau” struggling to break through the intermediate levels, it supplies lessons in video and audio format (by Olly and Angela, a native Spanish teacher)

The site itself contains so much stuff. There is pronunciation videos, short stories, grammar lessons, audio classes, listening comprehension training and much more available.

Olly does an online live training session once a month that all members can join and, if that wasn’t enough, then there is also a community forum where you can ask questions and share information – both Olly and Angela are very active in there too.

I think Olly sums it up well on the main page:
“In short, I’ll teach you everything I know about making the breakthrough you’re looking for in Spanish, learning to speak fluently, and putting a smile on the faces of those who matter to you most.”

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Fluent Spanish Academy Reviews

User Reviews of Fluent Spanish Academy
I am so glad I found Fluent Spanish Academy – it’s great having all the resources I need in one place.
Fluent Spanish Academy review by Helen Cunningham on 11/25/2016
Olly Richards Fluent Spanish Academy is a fantastic membership community that provides all the resources you will need to take your Spanish from intermediate to advanced, all in one place.

The FSA contains everything from study skills training videos, to pronunciation videos for the difficult sounds in Spanish, plus weekly audio lessons with useful phrases and expressions to make your Spanish sound natural. Olly has written a number of Short Stories for us, each focusing on a different grammar point. There are listening comprehension mp3s with lots of natural dialogues to listen to, alongside the written transcripts. I love being able to download the mp3 to my phone and print out the pdf’s so I can study on the train. There is also a monthly live training webinar with Olly who sets us a task and goals to work on that month. I have found these invaluable as they give great tips on how and what to study and I have taken these tips and applied them to my French studies as well. The forums are great to post your weekly / monthly goals and to ask any questions or discuss any particular problems you are having. There are probably more things in the FSA that I have not mentioned, it’s hard to keep up as new things are added all the time. I have really enjoyed using the materials and being part of the community and would recommend it to anyone wanting to really boost their Spanish and get from intermediate to advanced. To be honest I was below intermediate level when I joined FSA but have still been able to work through the materials but probably just at a slower pace than intermediate or advanced learners.
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