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Awesome method, soon to be an app, that has been the main resource getting from A1 to B2 in Spanish (but works well for *any* language. Free resources are on the site, and an amazing app is under development. Here’s from the website:

“No translation. Use pictures when learning new vocabulary and grammar rules. You’ll discover that you can actually remember what you’ve learned.  With Fluent Forever you will learn pronunciation first before trying to learn vocabulary or any grammar rules.”

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Fluent Forever Reviews

User Reviews of Fluent Forever
Fluent Forever works great
Fluent Forever review by Shannon Halkyard on 10/17/2017
I've used the FF technique for the last three years, and while it's a lot of work making flash cards per the FF method, it is highly effective. While I learn a lot while making the the flashcards, there's also a fair amount of grunt work that doesn't help much with learning. I'm excited that Gabe Wyner, the developer of FF, has a project to create a devoted flash card app for language learning that has all the grunt work already done, so I can focus on learning. Check out his video and book, and back his new project--it has transformed how I learn and study. (I'm a chemistry teacher and I have my students use it to learn technical vocabulary--it even works on teenagers!)
An App William Revolutionize this Genius yet Cumbersome Method
Fluent Forever review by Morgan Warren on 10/17/2017
Most people have experiences where they made flash cards for a class and didn't even need to review them for the test. The problem is that making flash cards is a grueling task, especially to promote a hobby of a busy person. Spaced-recognition has also been proven to work well for learning and maintaining knowledge, like new languages. Fluent forever combines the personal touch of handmade flash cards with spaced recognition to improve the language learning process. The company is developing an app to reduce the busy work in this method, making this a more approachable method for the average busy Joe.
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