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Submitted by admin provides a language course, podcast and accompanying website that offers lessons in Filipino. It is primarily audio but there is some video too. Each video comes with a PDF transcript and additional vocabulary.

This is a “freemium” site offering basic content for free but you have to subscribe to get more content (although a “basic” subscription is relatively cheap.)

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FilipinoPod101 Reviews

User Reviews of FilipinoPod101
Not owned by Tagalog speakers…
FilipinoPod101 review by Joe Kos on 08/20/2019
The company who runs FilipinoPod, dozens of other "pod" websites for other languages. That is to say, the owners are not Tagalog experts. I've gone through their program and found a lot of the information to be simply wrong, or to be taught in a way that is not suited to the language...they often use a template format (that they use for all the other languages) that is just not effective for this one.
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