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Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses in Italian. All free from WellesleyX.

Lessons are arranged into audio, transcribed / subtitled video, PDFs, quizzes and exercises. A fantastic set of courses all at my favorite price.

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EdX Italian Courses Reviews

User Reviews of EdX Italian Courses
thorough course
EdX Italian Courses review by tinacrouch on 08/01/2016
This course was very thorough! A bit dry at times, but that could just be speaking to my frame of mind when starting the course. Grammar is explained very well, there are quizzes after every module, and you can listen, read, use videos, and go through vocab lists. The course is structured very well, and I'm going to have to go back through it to fill in some of my knowledge gaps for sure.
Fun online courses that explain the important points of Italian very well
EdX Italian Courses review by EamonG on 04/29/2016
These courses have been excellent at cementing information I have already learnt while also introducing new grammar points in a way that makes sense and isn't off-putting. One particular point in their favour is that the units are structured so you can learn in the way that suits you best; whether it's reading text, using videos, games to learn vocabulary, or slideshow presentations with a tutor, you are covered.
EDX Beginner Italian Course
EdX Italian Courses review by Bethany on 04/06/2016
This course has impressed me. I am probably working at A2 level currently. The EDX Beginner Italian course was revision for me because I knew the basics. The course is carefully structured to stop learners from getting bored and allowed me to fill gaps in knowledge. Second language learners will always have those and this course helped my functional grammar no end.

The grammar points are explained very clearly. They won't take you to perfect if you've done nothing else. You will at least know why you are going wrong once you complete this program! The course is on demand and you can watch the videos until you know them by heart. To consolidate my vocab I ended up writing long notebook entries on Italki. I structured these around forum posts the EDX teacher had asked us to write. I'm hoping the blogs will then form a basis of several conversation exchanges. This will help me to integrate this forum, video and test-based course with my preferred learning styles. I like to speak in a foreign language and was minimal room to do that with EDX for obvious reasons. There is a thriving Facebook page. Conversation Exchanges could possibly be found there.

Course highlights:
Naturalistic sitcom with actresses
Entire vocab set on quizlet
Written exercises that require minimal typing
Clear teacher explanations
Immediate grade feedback
Comprehensive vocabulary for everyday life
Vocab goes beyond standard phrase book fodder
Introduces A2 concepts like describing mood and emotion very quickly

A few mistakes on the quizes
Time limit to complete the course of 1 year from sign up
High-intensity learning if you are a complete beginner to Italian
No conversation practice
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