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Submitted by admin provides a language course, podcast and accompanying website that offers lessons in Cantonese. It is primarily audio but there is some video too. Each video comes with a PDF transcript and additional vocabulary.

This is a “freemium” site offering basic content for free but you have to subscribe to get more content (although a “basic” subscription is relatively cheap.)

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CantoneseClass101 Reviews

User Reviews of CantoneseClass101
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CantoneseClass101 review by MrBLT on 10/16/2016
I really wouldn't try to only use this to learn Cantonese. Word of the day is iffy because sometimes they give you a word but only the Mandarin form of it. The lessons give you very colloquial Cantonese, but they can be very difficult to learn from because sometimes they don't quite explain everything. You can ask questions in comments, but I think you ideally need to go through this material with a teacher or native speaker to get the most out of this. They do give you transcripts which is nice and it outlines some points that aren't in the audio podcasts themselves. You need to be a premium member to access that feature though.

Also, if you don't like example conversations that borderline absurd or strange sometimes, you might not like this either.
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