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This is an audio learning system for a beginner to Italian. It’s produced by Living Language. There are 35 lessons and the listener must listen and repeat. There are no PDF’s for this product. The learning is all aural. 

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  • Lower Beginner
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Not bad!
All-Audio Italian review by Bethany on 08/14/2016
I got this with credits from a well-known audio book company after I completed the 1st round I did of Add1+Challenge. I wanted a program that could consolidate what I'd learned from my conversation with Italian native speakers. I had few lessons throughout the challenge because I was poor and this cost the equivalent of one Italki lesson. My evaluation was that this product was okay. I have used audio books that have served me better. Perhaps I was too far on by the time I used this book to get the absolute best out of it. It was useful revision. If I had my time as a beginner again I would use products like this to prepare for conversation exchanges.
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