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The Add1Challenge is awesome! I have always been a below average language learner and I am not ashamed to admit it. I floundered around trying to learn another language and never progressed beyond the very basics.

What I didn’t realize is that it was less to do with my ability and more to do with my approach. I was learning alone with no support and no real idea what I was doing so kept going round in circles.

Then I found the Add1Challenge. The idea is that you set a daily routine and work towards speaking with a native speaker after 90 days.

The Add1Challenge provides you with the tools you need to get you started. It has a daily tracker to log your progress, mini challenges to keep you motivated and you log a video showing your progress every 30 days. (4 in total – before you start, and then after day 30, 60 and 90). This is a fantastic way to see how you are doing.

The real strength in the Add1Challenge though is the community. For the first time ever I was learning with other people. People to encourage me daily, share their own stories, concerns and successes. This is an amazing motivator and picked me back up on many occasions when I was flagging. Out of all of the language resources I have found, this was by far the most valuable and changed me from a failed language learner to a competent and enthusiastic one.

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Add1Challenge Reviews

User Reviews of Add1Challenge
Great idea
Add1Challenge review by M Smith on 09/22/2017
I've successfully completed the add1challenge once. It's a great idea to have a community and accountability tracker as well as the activities. I liked making the videos and the structure and expectation of improving. I did improve.

The cons for me are that for what you get it's expensive. There's the Facebook community group and the set structure they have with the same activities each time. I also don't like that they raised the fee and cut the prize value. I feel as well there are too many people so you'll get people liking your videos but I saw one person whose video wasn't working and it had a number of likes which showed that people were just liking things without viewing. It's understandable as there are so many people. It's also your luck of what your group experience will be like. My mastermind group didn't have much participation and it was only me who was trying, so I gave up trying to get anything out of it. And for my study group there were issues with time zones.
I think you can get the same experience through participating in other groups and doing your own tracker.
participated twice and indeed it boosted my level of ability noticeably both times
Add1Challenge review by Dimitrakis on 03/26/2017
Because I'm already a motivated language learner, both times I participated in Add One Challenge, I was able to significantly improve my ability in my two target languages. Native speakers who had heard me before and then not again until after the end of the three-month challenge were amazed. From my perspective, I became more confident and could participate more in conversations which involved exclusively groups of native speakers.
Yup, 5 stars!
Add1Challenge review by Hélène Lavoie on 12/09/2016
I have always liked learning languages. But I found myself getting bored in a class because I thought it wasn't going fast enough for me or I wasn't getting enough practice. The next best thing was hiring a personal tutor but I found it to be a bit difficult to maintain a schedule because there was always a good reason to cancel a class: it was too cold, I woke up too late, my dog was sick, you name it. Although I loved my tutor a lot, it was a bit far from my home and she was a very busy student so she was cancelling lessons too. Then I discovered Add1Challenge! I had tried learning on my own but again, every excuse in the book was good not to study. With Add1Challenge, I was still on my own but I was accountable for my progress. I'm amazed at the progress I made in 90 days! Being surrounded by an active community but being also able to do it at my pace was what I was looking for. But don't be fooled: Add1Challenge will not study for you and have that 15 minute conversation with a native speaker at the end. You will. And you will study hard to achieve this goal. And it WILL happen with the support of the group. And just when you are thinking about taking an extra day off, you will receive an email from Brian to motivate you. I did one A1C and I'm starting again right now because during my break between the two A1C, I did NOTHING. I really need the push from the accountability tracker and the community!!!
A great experience
Add1Challenge review by Maryline Autret on 10/24/2016
I just finished my very first Add1Challenge (and certainly not the last one!) and it has been a great experience. I chose Japanese and was an absolute beginner early July. Three months later I have made huge progress that would have never happened without this Challenge. It really helps to stay focused, it is amazing the motivation that comes out of this group, I met great people, found awesome italki tutors and fall in love with the language. I wish I knew this Challenge when I started Chinese some years ago.... If you are a serial language learner, give it a try, you'll be amazed :-)
Develop good language learning habits while being part of a great community
Add1Challenge review by ribbonette on 08/31/2016
Since joining my first Add1Challenge I found it has helped me to develop the habit of studying my target language consistently. I joined as a way to 'force' myself to be accountable and get that studying in before my trip to Italy. I got to choose my own goal of how much and how often I would study but I also got feedback that it was too ambitious (which it was) so I scaled it down to 30mins 4xweek. The whole target of having a 15min conversation by the end of 90 days is what really appealed to me. I had to bite the bullet and arrange Italki sessions and try to actually speak in Italian! The Add1Challenge sets up all these challenges and you develop skills that become useful to use when you continue on after the program. I also enjoy being part of the Add1Challenge facebook community. I love how passionate people get with their language learning and the enthusiasm is infectious. I have had fun skype calls with other Italian Add1Challengers and learned about the resources they were using. I still have a long way to go with my Italian but I have really grown to love the language and also appreciate the journey.
My First Add 1 Challenge
Add1Challenge review by James Harry on 08/31/2016
So I joined the Add1Challenge for the first time after wanting to for a few years. I joined because I truly felt I needed some type of accountability with my language learning because when it came to Spanish, I would start strong and then over burden myself, feel exhausted and quit altogether. A few months later the cycle would start again, so as soon as I could afford it, I enrolled in the Add1 Challenge to try something different. I'm very happy to say that I am very very glad that I did. Whilst the groups I was placed in to study wasn't a very active one, it only motivated me to try my best. Unexpectedly, I was able to connect with other language learners who were very eager to help me, and for that I am thankful. I love the support I received and I have had such a great improvement since I started and completed the challenge. I am speaking Spanish like I honestly never have before. I am not as shy as I was, and I have discovered my ideal study patterns for the language and look forward to applying that method as I learn other languages and may even modify it as time goes on. I would encourage anyone to be a part of this, but only if it is something that they would take seriously, because it is more of a self-disciplined, independent study type challenge.
What better opportunity can you get than the A1C?
Add1Challenge review by Mo on 08/31/2016
I joined the Add1Challenge in March 2016, and what else can I say, that it is changing things in your life? I learned Japanese for the challenge and I am writing this message from my host's house in Fukuoka, Japan. Due to the motivation from the group, the clever desing of the MiniChallenges and the daily tracking sheet, I really couldn't resist learning almost everyday. Brian is a funny and awesome fellow, who supports every single Add1-participant if they need help. I can just recommend it to everyone! If you want to learn a language, but lacked in confidence, planning or continuity, give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and you even have the chance to win a trip and other awesome prices! So join it now :D
If you struggle with motivation, this will really help
Add1Challenge review by Patricia on 08/31/2016
First off, if you're the type of person who is self-motivated and self-structured, likes to achieve your goals on your own, and doesn't like to feel supported, read no further - this group is not for you.

However, if you start well but then the motivation tapers off, or you lack the structure to achieve your goals, this may be just what you're looking for. The challenge allows you to (mostly) dictate your own schedule. It provides mini challenges and motivation. If you choose to, you can get involved in a smaller group where you check in with each other. If you're struggling, you just have to reach out.

The community is filled with language lovers so if you've ever felt like the odd man out at a party (What's your hobby? I learn languages. Oh, why?) then you will find a place where you fit in perfectly.
Don’t know how to describe it… but it’s good!
Add1Challenge review by Eli Yazdi on 08/31/2016
I can't quite pinpoint what it is about it that helps… I could say general things like the splendid community or the accountability, but really, I had no idea what it was until I had done it myself . Basically, if you're stuck in a language (or just want to start one), sign up for the A1C . It's worth it, I promise
Really good!
Add1Challenge review by charlotte on 08/29/2016
The cool thing about the Add 1 challenge is, that it actually make you study your language consistently, which is the thing that is going to make the difference in the end. You are encouraged to find the way of studying that is the most effective for you in a given situation and to accept that language learning is not going to be an instant thing, but rather a journey with ups and downs. The encouraging community is so nice for motivation and ideas to keep you going. For me the effect of doing an add 1 challenge has held for 4 months after it finished. Now I consider doing another one more since I have become distracted and want to get back on the language learning track. I can only recommend the challenge to others!
Best Decison I Made
Add1Challenge review by daylabuttner on 08/29/2016
The Add 1 challenge is a great way to learn a language. It provides you with a great support system to pursue your passion, or to learn a new language for work or personal enrichment. I am currently doing my third Add1 challenge this year. The group support is definitely addicting! After the first Add1 challenge, I thought I would continue studying on my own. (It did not happen).
It is wonderful to be around a group of people dedicated to learning a new language and who share the excitement of being able to do so. The mini tasks along the way help you achieve your goals. For me the writing challenge has helped me tremendously in each challenge.
The videos help keep you accountable to yourself and the other members of the group, and also provide you with concrete proof that you are making progress. Contrasting Day 0 with Day 90 videos is always satisfying.
It is sort of like being on a track team. Everyone competes to achieve their personal best (In this case language learning) and everyone who actively participates “wins” (by learning a language.)
Add1Challenge review by Tita Beaven on 08/28/2016
The Add1challenge is a fantastic way to make great progress in 90 days, whether you are an absolute beginner in the language or you already speak it a bit. You decide which language you are going to develop, you decide you language learning routine, and then you stick to it - simple! A brilliant community of enthusiastic and supportive fellow learners are with you all the way, and the regular mini-challenges and compulsory video updates every month make sure you stay on track. And after 90 days, you have to hold a 15 minute conversation in your target language! It's not for the faint-hearted, but if you are serious about language learning, it is a seriously good way to do it - and I suspect it is highly addictive - just finished my first one, and can't wait to do another one!
Great Experience!
Add1Challenge review by Muna Luna on 08/28/2016
Initially, I heard about the Add1challenge from the polyglot conference video on youtube, I didnt give it much attention at that time and I started learning Turkish by myself from Teach yourself book. I spent 4 months doing the same thing by following the book lesson by lesson. After a while my motivation became less and searched the youtube again for other progress videos. I stumbled across a video by Amanda who were learning turkish with the Add1challenge and her experience was a success and she was "talking" the language in that video, Then I signed up for the challenge and I'm SO glad that I did!!! Reading from a book helped me read & understand but this challenge broke my "speaking" block and at the end of the challenge I spoke with my tutor for 55 minutes!! It was a huge leap as I barely spoke for 2 minutes to record myself for the application video for the challenge. I will join the challenge again next year and will learn another language Inshallah !
Add1Challenge review by Nicky on 08/28/2016
Beware! If you do one challenge you may be hooked! Because we had to talk as many minutes as possible n the language we were learnng and I was having no success, six minutes to be precise, talking to Kurds on Skype, and had a 15 minute conversation to get done as well, I jumped on a bus to Turkey and met Kurds who had the patience to speak to me. I eventually found a teacher, but not till AFTER I had done the 15 minute conversation video that completed my first challenge.
But for Add1Challenge, and challenge it is, I would probably never have started speaking Kurmancî, never have dared venture into Eastern Turkey, never have met my wonderful teacher or any other of those who are now my good friends, never have ventured into this whole bew dimension of my life. I've just finished my 3rd Add1Challenge for Kurmancî. Progress is slow. This is not the faultnof Add1Challenge, butnis a result of challenges peculiar to learning Kurmancî, e.g. Having to look many words up in a Kurmancî Turkish dictionary and then try to find the Turkish word in a Turkish English dictionary! I can now talk about a broader range of subjects than I would have imagined. This would never have happened without Add1Challenge. Not only does the method work, but the support and encouragement of the community has kept me and manynothers going.
Effective, but the sure to show up every day.
Add1Challenge review by Lorenzo Swank on 08/27/2016
This really is about taking a large task and breaking it up into bite-size things that you can do every day. The goal is to make sure you have progress. It doesn't even matter if it's the tiniest amount of progress. Consistent progress helps you feel good about breaking down the task into achievable components. I like the way that this program is set up, and having other people who are at roughly the same stage is very helpful. Everyone gets discouraged a little bit at some point. The nice thing about this program is that everyone is helping lift one another.
Very Motivating !
Add1Challenge review by Ramon Bernardo on 08/17/2016
I have always wanted to learn Mandarin Chinese but my motivation easily dies down after a few struggles. The mini-challenges and the support from my study group and mastermind group really helped a lot specially when I felt stuck in a level of my language learning. The community itself is so rich with experience and information to get over the plateaus that I have encountered.
Add1Challenge review by Ashley Moore on 08/17/2016
Because of the fantastic community structure I was really able to re-invigorate my Hindi studies, get inspired by other language learners and eventually win A1C10! I feel like the accountability factor was really helpful and I really enjoyed being able to watch progress from other language learners all in one place rather then have to search individually for them on youtube. Brian and his team are very organized and on pace, keeping up with multiple mini-challenges at once while still managing to push everyone toward their daily "YAY". I put off joining for a while because I wasn't sure if the cost was worth it. It totally is! Please do yourself a favor and try it. If nothing else, you'll meet a lot of amazing people who will want you to succeed.
Add1Challenge review by Ola Jagielska on 08/15/2016
It was exactly the push I needed to start speaking Chinese. I had lived in China for over a year and could still only manage very simple sentences. At the end of the challenge I recorded a 15-minute conversation with a native speaker.
For me, the best thing about the challenge was seeing that other people have similar problems and that we can help each other. Now I'm waiting for the next Add 1 Challenge to open, so I can take on Korean!
A Winning Combination!
Add1Challenge review by ruamac on 08/07/2016
Yes, the Add1Challenge has managed to come up with a winning combination of ingredients to help everyone learn their target language. Previously, my language-learning had been sporadic at best; non-existent in reality. But my three months on the Add1Challenge changed all that.

With a forum on which to vent, share, support and be supported, Add1 is an amazingly inclusive community. But it is also much more than that. There are teams, study groups to practise your specific language, and mastermind groups made up of learners of different languages to share tips and hints and often motivational butt-kicks. There are games and mini-challenges and competitions to encourage everyone to keep on pushing through the inevitable sloughs and troughs that occur in whatever activity you're working on. And, perhaps most important of all, there are friends who are genuinely interested in your progress, willing to pick you up and dust you off when you fall, or cheer and celebrate when things are going well for you.

It's a bit like being back in primary school! Except without the criticism for incorrect work, chastisement for talking in class, punishment for not doing your homework, admonishments for day-dreaming, or detention for misdeamours. So, actually nothing like primary school then.

Brian Kwong, founder of Add1Challenge, has seemingly endless energy and apparently reads every single post that anyone has ever written. He certainly seems to respond to every one of them!

Viktorija Juskevica was there when I was on an active Challenge, sending out emails, answering questions, and apparently ever-patient and ever-present on FB chat to help individual Challengers with any problems that might arise with teams, groups, mini-challenges and much, much more.

Nina Breitner has taken over from Vik and is doing an equally stellar job.

Gary McCann, (founder of this site), another apparently indefatigable, tireless, and selfless guy, is also hanging around there, helping out with any tech problems that might arise.

So, yep, Add1Challenge has it all! Seriously, if you're looking for motivation and inspiration to boost or kick-start your language-learning, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better, more fun resource than the Add1Challenge!

Learning as a community!
Add1Challenge review by alisonbruce on 08/03/2016
I am in the middle of my second challenge and already planning the third. Hard to list all the things that make it great but it's a small price to pay for something that works for me. Everyone is motivated by different things and this is taken care of in the challenge. Competition, mini challanges, community including the larger community of 2-4 sets of challengers currently on the active page down to small study groups for those learning the same language and mastermind groups which are brilliant if you can't join a study group. The access to resources and other language learners and polyglots is so amazing! A lot of us are isolated language learners in our homes! The A1C crew are the glue that hold it all together, no question goes unanswered which i always appreciate. The focus on communication in the language is so refreshing in is in line with the modern approach to language learning!
Best decision of my life!
Add1Challenge review by zainahasfoor on 08/02/2016
The Add1Challenge rally pushes you to commit to learning and speaking your target language, and the A1C keep you motivated along the way. I started knowing only a few phrases in Spanish to having hour-long conversations with native speakers after 3 months! Best step to take to advance in any language!
The best source of motivation and direction
Add1Challenge review by tinacrouch on 04/29/2016
italki might be tied for favorite resource with A1C. But, it was A1C that gave me motivation and direction to utilize italki in the most consistent and effective way. From assignments and mini-challenges to study groups and new friends, A1C has all the components to keep me motivated when not much else has before. I completed my 90 days with a video of a 20+ minute conversation in Italian with a native Italian! And I knew enough Italian to cover MAYBE 30 seconds of video on day 0 of the challenge. I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone, and I will be signing up for a second challenge in a few months!
The most successful resource I have found
Add1Challenge review by EamonG on 04/29/2016
After years of trying to learn languages and giving up or burning out, this resource finally kicked me into gear. In 3 months I went from not being able to say more than pizza, pasta and ciao in Italian, to having a 15 minute conversation with my best friend in his native language. Probably the most supportive internet community you will find out there, you are kept motivated through mini-challenges, accountability tracking and access to products and polyglots - all designed to get you over your fear of speaking and just do it. I found it so successful I signed up for a second challenge almost immediately after finishing the first. The community is full of language lovers who are always keen to give advice and help out with any problems. I have even found that skills developed during a challenge are applicable to other parts of life outside language learning. Highly recommended.
A great motivational resource
Add1Challenge review by Akita on 04/28/2016
Add1Challenge is an awesome community of language learners. The posts and the challenges will keep you motivated throughout the challenge. It also helps you to be accountable.
The best choice I made for my language learning
Add1Challenge review by garymccann on 04/05/2016
I always had a problem with staying motivated. I would learn for a few weeks, life would get in the way and language learning dropped off. Then I joined the Add1Challenge and it all changed. I learned to study every day and the accountability tracking and support I got from the community was amazing. It definitely worked for me.

If you are learning alone and struggling to stay motivated then I whole heartedly recommend the Add1Challenge.
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