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Catherine Wentworth is an ex-pat with a huge interest in Thai language and culture. Her blog has a mountain of resources available on Thai language and culture and hundreds of blog articles both by Catherine and various other guest posts.

If you are interested in all things Thai, then this is the site for you!

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Awesome site for information and resources
A Woman Learning Thai review by garymccann on 07/08/2017
Since I started learning Thai, I've referred to Catherine's site on many occasions. It has load of information on there from how to learn, resource and app reviews, blog posts, recommendations as well as lots of information about Thai and Thailand. This has been an amazing time saver as I've been able to find good quality materials without having to search around the net aimlessly. They also have a Facebook group "Farang can learn Thai" with lots of learners and seasoned professionals in there. Quite simply, it's Awesome!
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