In celebration of the holidays, Udemy’s famous $10 sale is back!

Udemy is a fantastic resource for many many courses covering pretty much anything you can think of. In fact, I built the custom parts of this site by following Udemy courses for custom plugin creation.

I’ve used it quite a few times over the past 12 months for language learning too and with 664 courses available covering 12 main languages (plus an “other” section) including 58 free courses it’s definitely well worth looking there when starting out.

Click here to search for a course now!

The “Language” section of Udemy provides some really useful filters for finding courses. You can filter by language, whether you want to view paid / free courses, level and features. Each course shows the rating, length and cost before you sign up. Before buying any course, it’s also worth clicking though and reading the full description. It will also allow you to access some of the available videos to “preview” the course, couple this will a full money back guarantee and, well, how can you lose?

One of the best things I like about Udemy is that the price is for lifetime access, including any updates so you only every pay once. If you are thinking of trying one out, do it now when the price is just $10, save yourself $100s and then study it at your leisure.

On Boxing Day, use code: UDEMYBOXING to get all courses at just $10 or follow this link to have the offer auto-applied for you. I update the link frequently with any offers as they become available so it’s always worth coming back here before you buy any courses!

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