Calling All Product Owners

Most of us that provide language learning products, language learning sites or run language learning groups have a passion for languages ourselves. Often the reason for creating a site, like this one, is because we see a gaping hole that needs to be filled.

I am constantly searching for great resources and some of the best ones I have found have been completely by accident. For example, when learning Italian, a native friend recommended the ItalianoPerStranieri site. While perusing that, I came across a link to a fantastic little series produced in Italy for foreigners learning Italian – ItalianoInFamiglia

This isn’t something I would have found with a Google search but quickly became my favourite resource when I was going through Beginner Italian.

So Where Am I Going With This?

The language learning market has a lot of products and services. All of the big companies have marketing teams, SEO gurus and exceptionally big budgets, so how do you get seen??

Well, the Language Learning Library was created to allow users to find amazing resources and to share any of these little treasures that they have found. It’s a mini search engine that filters by content type and prioritizes purely based on user reviews.

When adding to the library, you don’t have to worry about meta descriptions, keyword density or the number of sites linking to you. All you need to have is a product or service that your existing users love.

What do you do next?

Search the library to see if one of your users has added you already.

If not, Sign Up and Add a Resource – it only takes a couple of minutes:

  • Add your Website Address and a short description – remember this is a description of what you offer, not a flowery sales pitch. The library users can smell BS at 100 paces!
  • Select the languages, levels and media types.
  • Click Submit

Once you have been added, add the URL to your site or send it to your users via email or social media asking them to leave a quick rating.

… and that’s it! The more ratings you get, the higher you appear in results. You get more visitors and my users find an amazing resource that they would otherwise have missed – Everybody wins!

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