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Learning A Language At Home

A guest post by Taylor from The English Voyager No matter what language you study, or at what age you study, learning a foreign language requires a lot of work.. Learning a language on your own, without regular classes? Impossible…. right? […]

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#Add1Challenge – Learning Thai in 90 Days

This week I signed up to the Add1Challenge to learn Thai in 90 days. My goal is relatively simple, I will be travelling to Thailand in the Summer and would love to be able to have a basic conversation with […]

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The Pilot - A World Without Language Barriers?

The Pilot – A World Without Language Barriers?

Have you ever imagined a world without language barriers, where you could literally talk to and understand anyone? That is what the pilot claims to be offering. It has already been compared to the babel fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide […]

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Why I Will Never Be A Polyglot And That’s OK

What is a Polyglot? The term polyglot gets thrown around a lot in the language learning sites and groups I belong to but, depending on who you speak to, it can have a different definition. So, I thought I would […]

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Holiday French – Know Your Essentials

OK, you finally booked that trip to Paris that you’ve been postponing and decided to learn a few words to get started with the basics. This post has everything you need to be well on your way.

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How long does it take to learn a language?

A question that gets asked time and time again in every language group I belong to is “How long does it take to become fluent?”. There is no short answer to this one. The true answer is that it depends […]

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