Find Resources | Language Learning LibraryWhen starting out in language learning, I had a lot of difficulty in finding resources that were suited to my level.

Internet searches were overwhelming as they yielded a mountain of results, the bulk of which were sales pages that told me that for the grand sum of x dollars, I would be speaking my target language in no time.

After spending money on a few of them and being no further forward, I joined some language groups and there I gained a lot of information about what was good, what to avoid etc.

So I decided to create a site where we could share resources with good honest ratings and reviews that will give us all the information we need.

The Language Learning Library is not limited to products – you can list anything: pages, apps, games, youtube channels, books, anything you like.

Have a look around, search the library and submit some reviews for the products / pages you have already used. You do need to be registered in order to submit pages and reviews but we guarantee we won’t pass your details on to anyone else.

Join us!

Feeling Frustrated | Language Learning Library Anyone self taught in a language knows the pain of endlessly searching for really good resources.

Countless hours wasted going through materials that provide you no benefit and leave you no closer to your language learning goal.

This is not just frustrating but can also be expensive if you have also parted with your hard earned cash.

Spending a few minutes adding a short review here is a very easy way to spare someone else the same pain.

On the flip side, if you find an awesome resource and post it here, others can easily find it too!

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