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Mosalingua is a spaced repetition app and more. All of the sentences are designed to help you absorb as much vocabulary as you can in as short a time possible. There is quality audio for every phrase and everything is arranged in to nice neat categories and subcategories so you can study by subject too.

I’ve been using it for a while for Italian and I genuinely love it.

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Mosalingua Reviews

User Reviews of Mosalingua
Mosalingua review by Patricia on 08/28/2016

As far as an app for flashcards goes, this one is very good. You have the chance to compare a recording of yourself next to the native speaker, you spell the word (albeit from the letters provided, not free-form from a keyboard), and you use the traditional flashcard "do you know what this word is" in order to grade yourself for the spaced repetition. The graphics are nice. The interface is friendly. They work hard at keeping you motivated by making the experience a game with rewards for completing tasks. You really feel as though you're getting your money's worth.

The people running Mosalingua seem very very nice and helpful. They send out a little newsletter with articles. If you have a problem, they're quick to respond. I can say nothing bad about this company.

When you search for the app, make sure you search for Mosalingua plus the specific language that you're wanting to study.  Otherwise, at least with Apple, you'll be provided with a dizzying array of options and price structures.  With Android, you'll get the basic app for purchase with additional purchases within the app.  If you're uncertain, get the Lite version for free before making any decisions.

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