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I was first introduced to iTalki while reading Benny Lewis’ Fluent in 3 Months blog. This is by far the best language learning tool I have found.

You can set up language exchange sessions with natives or go for paid lessons with informal tutors or professional teachers. While language exchange is free (you do half in your native language and half in your target language) I thoroughly recommend taking some lessons. As these are performed by the tutor/teacher from the comfort of their own home, you can take advantage of the lower costs with many lessons as little as $5-$10.

As a bonus, if you sign up using the link from this site, you get 100 credits free after you take your first lesson.

If you only do one thing today, you should check out the iTalki site.


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iTalki Reviews

User Reviews of iTalki
Great if you’re looking for someone to chat with.
iTalki review by Andrew Davison on 05/16/2017
I've used teachers from iTalki, both to help me learn German and Hungaria - and with both languages, I've worked with two different teachers.

What I liked about iTalki was the broad range of teachers to pick from and the detailed profiles that come with them. The signup and payment process was also easy to understand.

As for the lessons, both my Hungarian teachers were OK for conversation, but not so organised when teaching grammar. As for German, both were excellent and really helped me get to grips with grammar.
Cheap and effective
iTalki review by MickeyBee on 03/24/2017
I've been using iTalki for a while. The site changed a while ago and no longer uses iTalki credits. All prices are listed in USD which makes things more straight forward. iTalki lessons are definitely better than face to face. You can easily find a language teacher that speaks both the language you want to learn and your native language using the search. If you don't want to spend any money then there are some really easy features for searching for language partners too. I personally prefer using the informal tutors - this gives me the speaking practice I need without having to spend 50% of my time focused on English when doing a language exchange.

You also have the advantage that, if you don't click with a language teacher, then you just move on to the next one!
Great products, but not all of the teachers understand your goals.
iTalki review by Lorenzo Swank on 08/27/2016
This really is a balancing act. Some teachers are very excellent. Other teachers have a fixed lesson plan and intend on walking you through it. This method is not for the faint of heart. If you do not have already defined language goals, this is not the site for you. You need to have specific needs in mind. Just like any other remote work or task involving someone who speaks a different language then you do, this requires much more careful planning if you are going to maximize the utility you receive from this. I would not say that this is for the "upper beginner". The people who will benefit the most from this are: people who have a well-defined language goals, and those who have reached a level where talking is really what they need the most. I would not approach this as an absolute beginner. Your mileage may vary, but I am giving this a different ranking than everyone else so that people will pay attention to this. This is not a turnkey solution for everyone. If you walk into it assuming that is the case, you will waste a lot of money and a lot of your time.
If you want to speak in your chosen language – use this site.
iTalki review by karinrush on 08/22/2016
I found Italki the best to help me speak. From free to fairly reasonable you can practice your speaking and learn. Even if you speak nothing! Try it. Using this site will propel you to actually be able to use the language!
Best Speaking Resource
iTalki review by Ashley Moore on 08/17/2016
This is by far the best resource for speaking practice. I've tried other language exchange sites but this one is my go to. It's easy to navigate, the prices are reasonable, and you get to meet people from all around the world while learning a language. I've been using italki now for three years and still sign on weekly for at least 2 sessions with a paid teacher.
An excellent resource for conversation practice
iTalki review by EamonG on 04/29/2016
If you want to get to any sort of proficiency in a language you have to start speaking, and iTalki is a fantastic resource for that. The site is filled with teachers, both professional and community, and if you're short of cash there is also the option to find conversation exchange partners for free. In my language of choice (Italian) there has been an abundance of friendly (and patient!) native speakers willing to help learn their language, many of whom I now consider friends. The website is user-friendly and being able to access stats and reviews on teachers is a great way to find that teacher who is perfect for you.
Most effective part of my learning routine
iTalki review by tinacrouch on 04/28/2016
I have found 4+ great teachers and tutors I speak with regularly, and a few free language exchange partners that have really helped my language learning! Community tutors are a fantastic resource for slightly-structured, cheap conversations. Professional teachers are perfect for keeping me on track with structured lesson plans.
Perfect one-on-one tutoring
iTalki review by Akita on 04/28/2016
A great place to try different teachers/tutors cheaply
The Best Way to Practice Speaking Online
iTalki review by Margie on 04/28/2016
I started using italki to find a teacher who would have conversations with me in Irish and give me feedback to improve with. I found such a teacher and I've had many lessons both with speaking and to learn tricky parts of grammar. For the low price of the lessons, what I've learnt has been so great and I have to recommend italki to anyone who wants to improve their target language. Even in the way the website is layed out and the way they deal with payments (holding the money until the lesson has been confirmed) makes you feel safe and happy about using them to organise lessons. It's just so great!
Awesome for Speaking Practice
iTalki review by garymccann on 04/05/2016
iTalki is still my go to resource when it comes to speaking practice. I've gained a few reliable exchange partners through the site although, more often than not, I use the informal tutors. These are aspiring teachers and are excellent for inexpensive tutoring and practice. For example, I currently have 2 tutors for Italian, both costing just $5 for an hour.
Inexpensive one-on-one language lessons
iTalki review by smorel on 04/04/2016
I only used italki to find teachers, and I was lucky enough to meet some very good ones (even among the informal tutors). It has totally changed the way I learn languages and I cannot recommend it enough.
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