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Glossika works on the principal that the best way to learn a language is to listen to it.

The Fluency 123 packages are fantastic. Each one is a different level and contains at least 90 days of content.

There are 2 methods in the packs: The GSR method, this is a 10-15 minute audio file that you listen to each day. It introduces 5 new sentences each time and works just like a spaced repetition program but with audio.

The GMS method is for the serious learner tackling 50 sentences in each file and studying these in a much more intense manner.

With Glossika, you don’t learn individual words. You listen to full sentences in English and in the language you are learning. The idea is that you listen and then repeat. All of the sentences are read at full speed so you learn exactly as a native speaker would say it.

If I was being honest, I would say that Glossika is not for a complete beginner. I would recommend learning some of the basics first (so after a few weeks for a serious learner). It’s not impossible but a complete beginner may find it a little too fast. That being said, I gave the Spanish Fluency 123 pack to my dad for his birthday. Even though he was a complete beginner, he totally loved it and listens to it religiously every day.

As well as the many many audio files, you also get a PDF with all of the sentences transcribed from the audio files and a study plan.

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Glossika Reviews

User Reviews of Glossika
Great rewards for those who are willing to adhere to the program.
Glossika review by Lorenzo Swank on 08/27/2016
This is perhaps the most effective way to learn a new language rapidly. It requires a tremendous amount of dedication. You must show up every day. You must follow the instructions to the letter. If you are willing to do these things, you are absolutely rewarded with a rich body of knowledge, Not only about your new language, but about the process of language acquisition. Not for the faint of heart. If you really care about language and you have the time to dedicate, I highly recommend any of the material on this website. It is relatively modestly priced given the amount of material you receive.
Useful phrases, perhaps not the best for early beginners
Glossika review by tinacrouch on 04/28/2016
Listening to the phrases was a bit overwhelming during my first few months of studying Italian. After I got in some listening practice with other sources, however, it became a really great resource for simple, useful phrases that helped me cement some vocab in context.
Brilliant for collocation training.
Glossika review by Sharon on 04/17/2016
How many of us have spent hours learning long vocabularly list only to be no further on when it comes to stringing a sentence together. The principle behind Glossika is to learn common collocations, or lexical strings, so that our brains learn to recognise them and can produce them more rapidly, or at all! I adore Glossika, it is one of the handful of big names in language learning that has Catalan on its list - my particular baby. It isn't cheap but it is worth the money.
I have used it for Catalan and German. I was already familiar with Catalan when I started, but with German I was a complete zero and in conjunction with other studies it worked just as well for me and I had German phrases buzzing around in my head in no time.
I think which elements you need will depend on your learning style. Some people can learn with audio only, but I am a detail maniac and I can't move on unless I can see the written word in my head and how it is spelt and formed so the text was essential for me. For me I would not use this product as a complete beginner in a language with a non-Roman script, I would have to know how the words were written when I heard them, but anyone wanting to use Glossika for a language with a different script someone with this experience who isn't a detail freak would be a better advisor.
I would really love to give it 5 stars, but it gets four because there are some mistakes where the text doesn't match the translation (even allowing for differences in expression). Glossika have such a smooth and glossy marketing image and it is such a great product that it seems a bit sloppy not to have done a final proofing and it means that when I see something that I'm not sure about I don't have total confidence in the product. If you're going to order the paper version from Europe don't leave it until the last minute. I ordered it 2 weeks into a 3 month challenge, fortunately I had the PDF & the MP3 immediately because the books took over a month to arrive. Having said that there is nothing else like it on the market, it's a brilliant idea, I hope they continue to work on it and smooth out the little glitches and I wholeheartedly recommend it.
Glossika Spaced Repetition is amazing
Glossika review by garymccann on 04/05/2016
I bought the Glossika Italian MP3 plus ebook after a free 15 day trial on the Add1Challenge. I gained so much from it during the 15 days that I thought it was more than worth the cost.

I typically uses the GSR files (daily spaced repetition MP3s) day to day and then the GMS one (mass sentences, 50 in each file) as revision at the end of the week. Each fluency 123 pack has at least 9 months worth of content - 3-4 months each using one GSR file a day. I don;t know what I will do without that familiar voice in my ear every day once it's all complete.
Useful phrases and helps build grammar
Glossika review by patl on 03/28/2016
I'm about 1/6 of the way through the Mexican Spanish series, and find that I'm able to use programs some of the time, and it's absolutely because of the Glossica practice sentences. Very worthwhile.
Fast Progress
Glossika review by MickeyBee on 03/26/2016
I've used Glossika for 2 different languages. I originally did Spanish and then recently bought the Italian set.

I really like Glossika for learning pronunciation. It is really difficult in the beginning but once you have progressed a little it becomes an amazing tool.
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