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Duolingo is the first language learning site I ever used and still do. The biggest advantage to it is that it is completely free.

It’s a spaced repetition program designed to make language learning a game and also has apps available for smart phones / tablets.

It starts off very simple and you have to complete sections to unlock others. You can set a daily goal and the app will send you notifications if you have forgotten to do your study for that day (handy if you are prone to forgetting like I am)

You earn “lingots” for completing sections and goals. These don’t unlock a great deal but do allow you to spend them on a couple of additional modules (“Idioms and Proverbs” and “Flirting”) or to take timed practice and progress quizzes.

It’s fantastic for learning the basics although I thoroughly doubt that you will get much beyond the beginner stages by using this alone. Coupled with some speaking practice, this is a very good tool.

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Duolingo Reviews

User Reviews of Duolingo
A decent place to start
Duolingo review by Luke Carruthers on 04/10/2018
I wanted to learn Spanish but wasn't sure where to start. Everyone told me to try Duolingo so that's what I did. I think it's pretty good if you are a total beginner with no previous knowledge of the language. It teaches you new words and expressions slowly, and it's fun to play with for 10-15 mins a day. However after a few months I kind of lost interest. The app said that I was 80% fluent but realistically I could barely form sentences out loud. I know other people who had the same issue, so eventually I think you need to move on and learn a different way.
Good practice
Duolingo review by Patricia on 08/01/2016
Duolingo does a good job of gamifying language learning which, along with daily reminders, helps keep you motivated. Lingots can be used to 'purchase' items like a streak freeze, quizzes, etc. but lingots alone won't keep you motivated. It probably won't be the only resource that you use to learn a language but it is a very good site to practice what you've learned and to expand your vocabulary.
A Great Place to Start and Revise
Duolingo review by Margie on 04/28/2016
Duolingo, at least in the Irish course, is great for those who're absolute beginners and those with enough knowledge to just need revision. In-between, however, I wouldn't recommend it. The sentences are very unrelated and are often written with an English influence to the structure, giving light onto the fact that the creators of the Irish course probably aren't native speakers. It is, however, a great place to start. The beginners stuff is wonderful and once you can understand where there are problems, it can also be a great place to do some fun and simple revision.
Easy Free Learning
Duolingo review by Gamesforlanguage on 04/25/2016
I love Duolingo. It's a very well developed and constantly improving site. My only complaint is that often the sentences are unrelated, which make remembering words more difficult for me.
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